Herschel Kranitz

As his business career began to wind down in 1998 he discovered that he possessed an aptitude and interest in mosaics. He started by teaching himself and then went on to study in Ravenna, Italy. His work has been displayed and sold in galleries in New England, Georgia, Arizona and Alabama. While his formal training is in Roman classical mosaic he most enjoys working in the folk art genre…doing utilitarian pieces (belt buckles, pots, tables, mirrors, trays) as well as more traditional portraits and still life. While the inspiration for most of his work grows out of his own cockeyed view of the world he also enjoys working in collaboration with others translating and adapting their visions into glass mosaics.

He can be found every day....from early morning until dinner....toiling in his studio in Stone Mtn., GA fighting off the ravages of age and the uncooperative muses while making works of mosaic art that he finds (and hopes you do as well) fun!!! He teaches classes - sharing the last great passion of his life with unsuspecting students. He appreciates feedback (particularly positive), enjoys collaborating with other craftspeople and will accept your money if you insist on buying one of his creations or take one of his classes.